ABC Alliteration of Us

As I stare at this arrogant array

Of boisterous bottles

I can’t help but compulsively comfort

A dismount of disappointed feelings

That made an erasable error


Things never seem to fall freely on me

Oh, I hope for good gospel

Because heartlessly I hear

The sound of iridescent idiosyncrasies

That belong to a jarring jury,

Watching my kaleidoscopic kills

Of the largely lamented

As I mistakenly miss you


Yet, I’ve never needed nicotine

To drown our obvious obituary,

Or poignant poisons

To eradicate the queer quality

Of the resilient relationship

We tried to sustain sufficiently.


I’ve always had trials and tribulations

That undermine my unnatural personality,

And violent acts of vulgar dishonesty

That i watch with wary woes,

But I always drown with xerothermic xylol

hopelessly, I try to burn up the yearning youth

That always seems to zealously zag inside me

All because of you.



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