Happy birthday Dad. 🙂


I know that I may not seem like I care.


I roll my eyes and scoff at your words


like theyre nothing compared to my bullet proof glass


But im just a stupid teenager


A teenager who wishes she could do better but its hard.


You push me to do better


Because you dont look at me through my eyes


You see me as your pride and joy


I want to live up to these expectations.


You’re just and kind


Despite that constant aggravation


We share the same humor and interests


And I enjoy watching Mel Brooks movies and laughing.


Despite my tone of voice,


Despite my eyes and my attitude,


We are blood,

And I’m forever grateful that we are.



Happy Birthday Momma.


She walks with her head high


No sign of distress or anger


And her voice is a blanket


Warm and comforting even on the stormiest of nights


And even though I’m reaching the end of her head


Looking down upon her when we talk


I will always look up to her


As someone I admire.


She is organized,




And funny.


Most things that I am not,


And that fine.


Maybe one day,


When im older and wiser,


I’ll be organized,




And funny.


Today is not that day though,


So I am content with just watching her



And learning from her idiosyncrasies.


I can never seem to get to the lighthouse.


No matter how hard I try, the ocean sucks me back in,


Like I am some toy it can play with.


Tide toss and turn me;


I can only hope that it swallows up my being.


Yet, you stuck out your hand,


Pulling me so close I can hear your heart,


The symphony of being alive playing.


You told me that the ocean can be conquered,


That I knew how to swim,


I just merely forgot.


But, you concluded, taking my hand,


If you are struggling,


I will help you.


For the lighthouse is there,


It’s just hard to see sometimes.


You’re an entirely new solar system.


Comet eyes and a galaxy heart,


And a mind entirely full of nebulae.


I can hear the stars in your voice,


See the black holes in your tears,


And bathe in the moon in your skin.


Yet, like the planets,


You are far away.


So I will just stand here,


Looking through Cupid’s telescope,


And hope that you see me too.